Who is this ‘Arginine Doc’?

Dr. Jay Wilkins, ND

The Arginine Doc

I have been involved in Health & Wellness since 1993. My specialty is homeopathy, nutrition and weight loss, to name a few. Over the years it has been fascinating to see folks try many conventional therapies for their health challenges to only respond positively to the natural way. What a wonderful feeling to play a small part in helping a friend to say, “I feel so much better!” Since 2005 that comment has been said many times to me. Why? Because of recommending balanced L-arginine nutrition. I have collected a bunch of testimonials from reversing plaque build up (we just expect that!) to pain disappearing and more. I feel like a colleague of mine who says, “If I hadn’t seen for myself what a good arginine product can do I would’t have believed it!” So in May of 2011 a friend and I developed our own L-arginine supplement called Cadio 5000.

Then in 2006 bad news was given to me. My colon began making cells that would turn cancerous. What did my doctor recommend? “I will make you an appointment with a surgeon. You need your colon out”. What! My response was, “Give me six months to turn it around”. And turn it around I did! The credit goes to high arginine, vitamin D, antioxidents and other healthy choices. It just keeps improving. The last scope (2010) showed it was. This makes me proud.

Our mission with The Arginine Doc is to bring you the latest info, news, videos, blogs, tweets, testimonials, etc. about the Nobel Prize winning efforts of three American scientists and their discovery of the Nitric Oxide pathway. They have blazed a trail that just keeps getting bigger and better. (We are going to make sure of it!) Please help us by letting us know what gems you have uncovered. Look forward to hearing from you.

The Arginine Doc
Your Arginine Resource



Dr. Jay Wilkins, ND, BIO

  1. Began career in natural medicine in 1993 as a Health Consultant. Started working with homeopathy, detox programs, vitamin/mineral therapy, Electro-Dermal Screening as a diagnostic tool, herbal remedies, medicinal amazonian botanicals, etc.
  2. 1999 graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health, with honors, and a degree in Naturopathy.
  3. 1999 Went to Amazonian Rainforest to broaden understanding of traditional herbal uses.
  4. 2003 Opened a clinic in Tallapoosa, GA specializing in above mentioned therapies and added Massage Therapy, Biological Terrain Assessment (diagnostic tool), Functional Medicine to name a few.
  5. 2005 sold practice and began career specializing in non-invasive cardiovascular screening and Nobel Prize Winning cardiovascular nutrition. Began lecturing in South East on these topics. Was featured on radio, television and audio recordings.
  6. 2008 named as a member of a well-known nutritional companies Medical Advisory Board.
  7. 2010 added Health Coach to field of expertise with a focus on weight loss and medicine reduction. The approach is John Hopkins University and National Institute of Health studied, taught and endorsed.
  8. 2011 developed an L-arginine based nutraceutical called Cardio 5000 for a progressive Network Marketing company Symmetry.
  9. 2012 medical advisor and co-founder of “The Arginine Doc: Your Arginine Resource” web-based business solely dedicated to all things L-arginine and Nitric Oxide.





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