Research Shows Benefit of Statin Drug?

Statin drugs…  The most prescribed type of medication for lowering “dangerously high” cholesterol levels.  It is also the most controversial.  Side effects include  (not limited to) severe muscle aches, memory loss, liver damage, and suicide.

A recent research article published in Proteome Science (, discussed the benefits of statins on the arteries.  In the research they state that they know that the medication helps produce nitric oxide, but not sure of the mechinism in which the artery is benefitted.

Here is what we know here at The Arginine Doc:  You can increase beneficial nitric oxide (NO) levels, and get your arteries healthy, flexible and clean naturally.  That’s right.  With none of those dreadful side-effects listed above.  And as a side benefit keep your cholesterol numbers in the healthy range.  How?  L-argininine, L-citrulline, vitamin D and specific antioxidants.

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