Pain and Inflammation

Over 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This would make pain the most prolific “disease” in the U.S. More than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined.

As it turns out nitric oxide (NO) is an important modulator when it comes to pain and inflammation. NO is your bodies own naturally occurring morphine.

In a study in the Clinical Journal of Pain, researchers from the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado-Denver theorized that NO is a key factor in the reduction of arthritis pain. Based on the fact that NO is decreased in arthritis, the thought was that “NO-based intervention may produce substantial pain relief without undesirable side-effects, by increasing circululation, decreasing nerve irritation, and decreasing inflammation in joints.” Their conclusion: NO “can bring dramatic relief to people with painful osteoarthrits.”

Here are some real-life example of what arginine, pomegranate, and antioxidants can do to increase NO and reduce pain and inflammation:

“I was diagnosed 2 years ago with scleroderma.  I have been in extreme pain to the point that I was having to take Celebrex.  After just four months of using arginine, antioxidants, and specific vitamins and minerals, I was able to completely come off all meds.  I am happy about the energy, sense off well-being and getting off the drugs.”

Arlene Liner

Migraine Headaches

“My arginine testimonial is about migraine headaches.  I have suffered for over 40 years with migraines so bad I would end up in emergency rooms all over the U.S. getting demerol shots.  I started taking arginine, citrulline, vitamin D and antioxidants almost a year ago and I KNOW it has helped!  I still have over 1/2 my pain medication left over each month.  Before this I would run out half way through the month.  I sleep so much better now too.”

Danny Gibson

“Three years ago I was severely injured.  An accident left me with a very painful neck and chronic migraines.  Some days my headaches were so bad I literally could not see straight!  My mom is a doctor and recommended I take arginine, citrulline, vitamin D, and some specific antioxidants for the pain and recovery.  I didn’t think it would help.  Since she couldn’t get me to take it on my own, she drove to my house, mixed up the concoction (that surprising tasted good)  and made me drink it. Am I glad she did!  Within an hour my energy was so good I did a “speed cleaning” on the house with some left over to play with my 2-year old.  Ten days later I got in my car and saw my bottle of migraine medicine roll under the seat.  It was then that I realized I hadn’t needed them since the berry flavored drink my mom had mixed up!  Thanks Dr. Mom.  You were right again!”

Alyssa Atkinson

Other Pain Issues

“ I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and have worked in this field for over 25 years.  A turn for the worse came in 2002 when I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis.  The type that I have caused pain in my whole body.  I have tried a number of natural products since that time with very little relief.  That was until a few weeks ago when I started taking a nutritional product with arginine, citrulline, pomegranate and other nitric oxide boosters.  I saw benefits very quickly from this!  I saw major improvement in my pain AND my blood pressure normalized.  I am going to keep taking it and recommending it to my clients for their pain and recovery.”

Ray Harland, ATC

“A typical day for me started with 2-3 Advil just to get moving.  My legs bothered me and had shoulder joint issues and general soreness.  I am happy to say that all of that is better!  In fact, I am not dependant on  the pain meds now.  I have energy and can now take the stairs.  This is a big deal for me compared to how I was feeling”

Gary Gebhard

“I used to wake up in the morning with stiff hands and fingers.  My joints would crack and pop and I would have a hard time just getting up and down from sitting.  Since taking arginine, citrulline, vitamin D, and specific antioxidants, I have more energy, my mood is better and I feel lots younger!  Maybe I am getting younger… People are saying how much better my skin looks too.   I don’t mind that side effect!”

Linda Gebhard

“I was in a work related accident that required multiple surgeries.  This unfortunately has left me disabled.  My pain at times has been extremely intense.  A few years back I was introduced to arginine and other nitric oxide boosting supplements.  I feel so much better when I take them.  I feel so good sometimes I think I can go back to my physical work. My doctor would shoot that idea down! It’s just nice to have something natural I can take.  It brought my blood pressure down too.  Now, I take no medications at all.”

John Mark


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