High Cholesterol

Elevated Cholesterol

“I have had cholesterol problems for the past 20 years and since turning 50 exercise and diet have not been enough to keep it down. In April, 2011 my total cholesterol had sky-rocketed to 267! The doctor suggested medicine. I tried it, but my joints and and muscle cramps were so bad. After a few month of not sleeping from pain and researching the side effects of the medicine I stopped the drug. My husband bought some L-arginine, vitamin d, and antioxidant powder. I researched the ingredients and took some. After taking it for two months my cholesterol dropped 30 points and I was feeling great! My doctor said, “Keep doing what you are doing”. So I am.”

Linda Jones

“Three months ago I had my blood cholesterol taken. It was over 250. Ouch! In just three short months it dropped to 175. Bad cholesterol was 169. Now 99. The only difference was taking large amounts of arginine with vitamin d other nutrients.”

Angela Hill

“I cannot tell you how happy I am about my 69 year old mom’s last report from the doctors office! She is diabetic, has high blood pressure and cholesterol. Before arginine, vitamin d, pomegranate and other antioxidants her:

Total Cholesterol was 218/ After: 157

HDL Cholesterol was 41.5/ After: 47

Triglycerides was 260 on average/ After: 149

Glucose was 116/ After: 104. All this after just one month. She is going to keep taking it and so am I.”

Deborah Bowman

“I had two stint operations and open-heart surgery. Since taking 10,000 mg of L-arginine, and other co-factors I have felt great! It is like I can feel my arteries getting cleaner. My blood pressure is good. My vision is getting better (don’t have to use my “cheaters” any more). My “bad” cholesterol was 125. After just two and a half weeks of using these nutrients it went down to 100. My doctor said that that was in the “optimal” range.”

Craig Cummings

“I am 62 years old. I have had elevated cholesterol issues since my 20’s. From my 20’s until 6 years ago my doctors had me taking statin drugs. After some 30 years of using these I did my research and decided it was time to come off of them. My cholesterol has never been under 200. Until after I started taking 10,000 mg of L-arginine daily, along with vitamin D, trace minerals and antioxidants back in October 2011. In February, 2012, I had my blood work done. When I got the results back I couldn’t believe it. I look at the paper and it said “Total Cholesterol: 180”. My doctor said, “Keep doing what your doing”. I smiled and replied that I would do just that!”

Margaret “Muffin” Hand



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