Heart Palpitations

“I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation when I was 13 years old.  I am now 75.  I have been using an arginine product for the past two years at the suggestion of my friend “The Arginine Doc”.  When I go into A-Fib my heart beat gets very rapid, I get shortness of breath and severe weakness.  I have not experienced those symptoms since I have been using the arginine, citrulline, and antioxidant supplement.  When I went for my last check up with my medical doctor (that I have been seeing for the last 7 years) he said, “I can’t find it!  I can’t find your atrial fibrillation any more!”  He asked what I had been doing.  I told him about the product I was taking.  He said, “Keep it up!”‘

Andy Mantis, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Every so often I would get very noticeable heart palpitations.  This was concerning to me.  I would wonder, “What’s going on here!  Am I having a heart attack or what?”  Since using the arginine product, my husband Andy is using, the palpitation have disappeared.  This is good!”

Anne Mantis


“I used to suffer with heart palpitations often and for many years.  After using arginine, citrulline, and specific antioxidants, little by little, and day by day, it got better.  Now, after a few short months, I can tell you they are GONE!  Shortness of breath?  GONE!  I am so grateful for this wonder combination.”

Hattie Little

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