Arginine and Eye Health

Arginine, NO, and the Difference You Can SEE!

No and General Eye Health

Nitric Oxide has thousands of studies stating its benefits.  The eyes are included.  Here are what some authorities are saying regarding various optical functions, “NO is an important mediator of homeostatic [health giving, disease preventing] processes in the eye, such as regulation of aqueous humor dynamics [the amount of fluid inside the eyeball], retinal neurotransmission [the role of the retina in sending electrical signals to the brain] and phototransduction [the conversion of light into electrical signal].” – Survey of Opthalmology

NO for Glaucoma

Definition of Glaucoma: Damage to the optic nerve and to vision caused by high levels of intraocular pressure within the eyeball.

  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in U.S.
  • More than 3 million Americans are living with it
  • Symptoms can include loss of peripheral vision, blurry vision, nausea, and eye pain

How can increasing nitric oxide help? “The increase of NO increases vasodilation and improves contractility in the trabecular meshwork [area that drains fluid from the eye], the final effect being the decrease of intraocular pressure.” – Oftalmologia

In the NewsNicOx and its partner Bausch & Lomb reported positive top-line results from a mid-stage study of their glaucoma drug candidate. B & L has spent $20 million. “These positive results support the strong potential of our nitric oxide-donating platform in the ophthalmology field”

The Science of Making NO Naturally:

5000 mg of L-arginine, 200 mg of L-citrulline, Antioxidants: vitamins C, E, pomegranate, grape seed & skin extract, etc., 5000 iu vitamin D

Listen to this exciting info on eye health:

eye health pdf document

Here are what some are saying about improvements in vision with taking NO boosting nutrition:


“These glasses on  my face used to be tri-focles.  I started using L-arginine for my serious health issues in 2004.  I had many great responses to it.  One thing that showed me I was getting better was the results of a recent eye exam.  My doctor said, “We are going to have to change your prescription”. I said, “That bad?”  “No”, he said, “your eyes are better!”

Billy East


“My eyesight improvement was a by-product of using the arginine powder.  I was having to get larger and larger print and higher powered reading glasses.  My eyes are now 20/20.  No more large print!  No more reading glasses!  The ONLY thing that I have been doing different the last 5 months is taking L-arginine, L-citrulline and specific antioxidants.  I don’t plan on ever needing glasses again.”

Will Bradley

“In 2006 I was diagnosed with glaucoma.  I began putting the prescription drops in both eyes.  My eyesight was deteriorating despite my efforts.  I got lazy and stopped using the drops all together.  I started using a balanced arginine product in the fall of 2011.  The next time I went to the doctor after using the arginine he said, “I am not seeing the glaucoma any more.  To be sure I am going to send you to a specialist.”  I went to the specialist, but he didn’t see it any more either!  I went for my six-month check up; NO GLAUCOMA!”

Bev Gallegos

“In January I noticed some big changes in my eyesight.  I went to the doctor and she said, “Your in trouble! Your pressure in your eye is much too high.  You have glaucoma.”  She prescribed some drops.  I took them for a while.  I would rather take natural things and found the drops very expensive, so I stopped taking them.  I went back for a check up and confessed I had not used the drops properly.  Well… Not only was my vision better in general, my doctor could not believe the improvement in the glaucoma!  She asked, “What have you been doing?  This is amazing!”  I told her that I started taking a balanced arginine powder.  She wanted to know more about that!”

Constance Brown


“In 2007, I was diagnosed with a torn retina.  I had surgery to try and repair it.  Twenty-eight days later it tore again.  The surgeons did the surgery again.  One year later there was so much scar tissue they did another surgery that left me blind in my right eye.   In 2011, I started using the special arginine mixture.  I have regained 50% of my vision in that eye!  I am thrilled to say the least.”

Connie Chappell



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