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Stop ‘Nutritional Suicide’ Using L-arginine, Vitamin D & Antioxidants!

Statistics show Black Americans to be at a much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  What is causing this and more importantly what can be done to positively impact these problems?  To find out the answer to these and others questions click the link below. Listen as four African American Health Specialist give their report!

Dr. Rhonda Cambridge-Phillip, MD, Co-Host

Dr. Lewis Wright, MD, Kidney Specialist, Dr. Wiletha Williams, ND and Dr. Joy Scott, PhD also participated in this life-changing conference.

Please listen to this important information and pass the link on:

Constance Brown

“Great News…  Just got a call from Charlie and he is so excited and flying on cloud 9000 (LOL)!  When he went to the dentist they took his blood pressure and it was 117/68.   It has never been that low.   Always 180/97 or 178/89 he is sooooooooooo HAPPY and so am I!   Now, he’s really to tell the world what this arginine powder can do.  Also, my daughter started using it and could tell a big difference in her energy right away.”

Constance Brown

Dr. Wiletha Williams, ND



“As a naturopathic doctor, I have adopted the motto that, “If people knew better.  They would do better”!  Using a balanced L-arginine product like Cardio 5000 has been a very important piece of the health puzzle.  It is critical that the African American and American public at large use these nutrients to boost the miracle molecule called Nitric Oxide.  I endorse this fully!”


Dr. Wiletha Williams, ND


“I used to suffer with heart palpitations often and for many years.  After using arginine, citrulline, and specific antioxidants, little by little, and day by day, it got better.  Now, after a few short months, I can tell you they are GONE!  Shortness of breath?  GONE!  I am so grateful for this wonder combination.”

Hattie Little

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