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Nitric Oxide is a vital molecule made by your physical body that causes vasodilation (an enlargement of the internal diameter of arteries). This creates an improved blood circulation through out the human body allowing for oxygen transport, delivery of nutritional elements to skeletal muscle and a reduction in blood pressure. An amino acid compound called arginine may boost short-term Nitric Oxide amounts. Individuals taking arginine have noted a rise in resilience and enhanced endurance.

So who needs nitric oxide?

Everyone needs nitric oxide to perform essential procedures in the body. From a bodybuilder’s view, nitric oxide supplementation may prove useful in increasing muscle development due to an increases in blood flow to particular areas of the body. Further, men suffering from impotence problems may also discover supplementing with nitric oxide useful.  One sign of deficiency is the inability to reach and keep an erection.  Other signs can be  physical weakness and severe fatigue.

What are the side effects?

With any amino acid including arginine, overdose is possible. Dosing with too much arginine can cause diarrhoea, weakness and nausea. Clear dosing instructions have not been proven, so it is better to do what is referred to as “forbearance mapping”. Take a little dosage for one week, note the benefits and the unwanted effects, and increase the serving till the benefits are maximized and the side effects minimized. Over time you will hit the optimal dosage.

Washington Times and erectile dysfunction

It’s interesting to note that in an article in the Washington Times they mention arginine as a nonprescription alternative to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be the first warning sign for men regarding cardiovascular disease. If blood flow is being impeded to one part of the body you can rest assure its being impeded in other parts of the body. You’ll be happy to know that each serving of cardio 5000 contains 5 g of arginine. This is more than enough to supply your body what it needs to produce nitric oxide. If you’re interested in other nonprescription treatments for erectile dysfunction check out the article in the Washington Times.

Erectile dysfunction: Four non-prescription treatment options – Washington Times

http://news.google.comThu, 25 Apr 2013 18:10:13 GMT

Washington TimesErectile dysfunction: Four non-prescription treatment optionsWashington TimesL-arginine is an amino acid necessary in the manufacture of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an important factor in vascular health and the regulation of blood …


Too Much Sun?

Worried about getting too much sun? New research coming from the BBC is indicating that more time in the sun can be healthy. In fact, they believe the benefits outweigh the risk. Find out more about the benefits of Sun exposure in the BBC article below.

Sun’s blood pressure benefits ‘may outdo cancer risks’ – BBC News

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BBC NewsSun’s blood pressure benefits ‘may outdo cancer risks ‘BBC NewsProduction of the pressure-reducing compound, nitric oxide, is separate from the body’s manufacture of vitamin D, which rises after exposure to sunshine. Researchers said that unti …


Nitric Oxide Shows Benefits

If you have paid much attention to our site you have seen us mention Nitric Oxide over and over.  The reason for that is nitric oxide does great things inside the body.  For years it has been known that nitric oxide improves blood flow but now scientist are finding that it may actually increase our life span.  The article below provides more on what scientist are learning about this amazing molecule.  It also shows two amino acids that the body needs to make this important molecule, and both are in Cardio 5000

Study shows nitric oxide may increase life span – DigitalJournal.com

DigitalJournal.comStudy shows nitric oxide may increase life spanDigitalJournal.comNew York – Research has shown that nitric oxide increases circulation and can be beneficial to those suffering from hypertension and congestive heart failure, but a ne …

Glucose Spikes

February is usually recognized as heart month. This month our friends at Life Extension Foundation have included many articles in their magazine about cardiovascular health. One article that caught my attention had to do with glucose spikes. That is the blood sugar response coming from your body after you eat a meal. Your blood sugar usually spikes between one and two hours of food consumption. What scientist are finding out is that if your blood sugar spikes to high it is very damaging to your cardiovascular system. This is been of interest to me ever since I witnessed something that took place at an airport.

Many years ago, in another life, I used to work at the airport. One day while I was on my way to work I noticed a huge pipe that had busted. The workers had taped off the area and there seem to be this goo oozing from the pipes. Since it was not an extremely cold day I asked one of the workers what caused the pipe to bust? He said to me, “you see that goo oozing from the pipe”? And of course, I said, “yes”. He said, “that is coming from the sugar drinks that have been poured down the drain and have blocked the pipe.”

That got me to thinking. If sugar could do that in a large drain pipe, what is it doing to our bodies? The answer, of course, is it is doing a lot of damage. This is being seen in what is called glucose spikes. Glucose spikes, or sugar spikes, along with insulin spikes are very damaging to the lining of our arteries. Not only are they damaging to the lining of our arteries, but they also cause our blood to become thick as well.

What is causing these glucose spikes? Well of course it is eating too much sugar. Having a high carbohydrate diet and eating foods that have a high glycemic value. What is a glycemic value? It’s how quickly a particular food will raise blood glucose levels after it is eaten.

Not only are glucose spikes harmful to arteries in tissues it also promotes weight gain and can make you insulin resistant. This is where you have plenty of insulin, but your cells just cannot use it. Therefore, your blood sugar remains high and the cells can I get the sugar they need for fuel. All of this is coming from foods and drinks that have a high glycemic value. The solution is, of course, eating foods with a low glycemic value and keeping the linings of your arterial cells healthy.

There are supplements that are showing promise with regard to controlling insulin levels. Some of those supplements include chromium picolinate, green tea, and green coffee bean extracts.  Of course, they are no substitute for a healthy diet.  Diet is the first place to start when we are talking about health.  Learn how to cook and prepare healthy foods that have a low glycemic index and are beneficial for your health.

Arginine is vital for endothelium health. Arginine helps the body produce nitric oxide and nitric oxide keeps the inner lining of our arteries healthy.

Research Shows Benefit of Statin Drug?

Statin drugs…  The most prescribed type of medication for lowering “dangerously high” cholesterol levels.  It is also the most controversial.  Side effects include  (not limited to) severe muscle aches, memory loss, liver damage, and suicide.

A recent research article published in Proteome Science (http://www.proteomesci.com/content/10/1/43/abstract), discussed the benefits of statins on the arteries.  In the research they state that they know that the medication helps produce nitric oxide, but not sure of the mechinism in which the artery is benefitted.

Here is what we know here at The Arginine Doc:  You can increase beneficial nitric oxide (NO) levels, and get your arteries healthy, flexible and clean naturally.  That’s right.  With none of those dreadful side-effects listed above.  And as a side benefit keep your cholesterol numbers in the healthy range.  How?  L-argininine, L-citrulline, vitamin D and specific antioxidants.