Whats Wrong with The Mummy Study

Whats Wrong with The Mummy Study

If you believe the latest news in heart disease, then heart disease is something you will just have to live with or should I say die with.  Studies coming from CT scans that were done on a 137 mummies reveal that 34 percent of them had atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries.  Since this study involved a wide range of different cultural groups, coming from ancient Egyptians to ancient Peruvians, the researchers concluded that heart disease is just a problem of aging and has not much to do with diet.  They made this conclusion on the basis that they used different cultures, which would have different diets.

The Question that Needs to be Asked.

So what is wrong with this assumption?  In order to make that conclusion the mummies would have to reflect the diet and lifestyle of those living at the time.  So, do these mummies really represent the populace of their time? I would have to say no.  For the most part it was the rich or ruling class that were mummified.  These are the ones that have been preserved down to our modern day and these are the ones that are being looked at.  Would it be correct to say that they reflect the eating habits of the people of their time?  I highly doubt it.

Basically, what this study tells us is quite the opposite of what they have concluded.  In my humble opinion it says just the opposite.  A diet and lifestyle that is unrestrained will lead to heart disease and death.  Why do I say that?  For the most part the rich and ruling class have always had a lifestyle that has been unrestrained, and it is this type of living that leads to heart disease.

Research which has been done by Dr. Dean Ornish and other medical professionals has shown that a reversal in diet and lifestyle modifications can have a huge impact on your cardiovascular health.  According to the American Heart Association lifestyle changes, which would include your diet, are your best defense against heart disease.  They focus on three areas of life, pollution like tobacco, exercise or being active, and choosing good nutrition.  Time and time again these are the suggestions that are the foundation for having a healthy heart.

My Doctor Says Medication

Many good meaning physicians have recommended statin drugs to improve the cardiovascular health of their patients.  The truth is Statins are a drug and require your blood to be monitored regarding their toxicity.  However, there is no doubt about it, statin drugs do lower cholesterol. The question that comes up regarding Statins, is that the reason why they are effective?  Statin drugs also reduce inflammation and it is inflammation that most researchers recognize as the real cause of heart disease. So why is the body inflamed.  Inflammation is a result of either one or two things.  To put it simply, inflammation is brought about by either damaged tissue or an allergic reaction.

Before Medication

There are healthy supplements that can help with your cardiovascular health.  We use a supplement called Cardio 5000.  We have seen first hand, using a dpa machine the benefits of this supplement.  If you measure your arterial elasticity with a dpa machine then take a serving of Cardio 5000 and wait about 15 to 20 minutes you will see an improvement in your arterial elasticity.  The company is so confident of their product that they invite people to try it for three months and if their is no improvement in your cardiovascular health they will provide a refund.

Arginine Benefits

As reported on this website L. Arginine has many benefits for our health.  The video below gives some nice information about Arginine and why this supplement can be so important, not only for cardiovascular health, but for ones over all health.  I hope you enjoy the video as well as the article.

Arginine | Fortitech, Inc.

Arginine is synthesized in the body from glutamic acid. Although it is not an essential amino acid, it is frequently referred to as a conditionally-essential amino acid. The body requires substantially greater amounts of arginine

 Arginine Benefits Diabetics

Here is another post about the benefits of Arginine when it comes to diabetic care.   Rather than taking Arginine internally, a cream is used improve dry skin and stimulate blood flow.


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Learn How To Control Your High Blood PressureLook for moisturizing creams containing L-Arginine. L-Arginine helps stimulate healthy blood flow to heal dry, cracked skin. This special cream is available only in the diabetic section of your favorite drugstore or superstore. Under no circumstances should you shave or attempt to remove calluses or corns.