Vitamin D3 Benefits

A few years ago, you hardly ever heard anything about it.  Now it’s very hard to look at any type of health news and not see it mentioned.  What am I talking about?  It’s vitamin D, in particular, vitamin D3.  In the past few years vitamin D3 has been in the news constantly and with good reason.  New research is showing that this vitamin is a must for people wanting to stay healthy.  What makes vitamin D3 so special?

The Fourth Vitamin

It was discovered by American researchers Elmer McCollum in 1921.  It was called vitamin D because it was the fourth vitamin discovered.  The vitamin D that we hear about in the news so much today is vitamin D3 and there is a difference. The other two vitamins, vitamin D 1 and vitamin D 2 can be toxic when compared to vitamin D3.   D3 is the active form of the vitamin, which means the body can use it without conversion.  That being said vitamin D3 offers many health benefits.  Scientist have discovered that when your body experiences a lack of calcium it is usually because of a lack of vitamin D3.  This is one of the reasons why vitamin D is known for it’s ability to strengthen bones.  While we call it vitamin D it really is not a vitamin at all.  It is actually a hormone that has many beneficial properties. Scientist believe that many people are deficient in this hormone, especially during the winter months.

Sunshine Vitamin

It is called the “sunshine” vitamin and with good reason.  It is the only vitamin your body can make from exposure to the sun.  In fact, sunshine exposure is the best way to improve your vitamin D3 levels.  For individuals who have little exposure to the sun and we most do during the winter months, supplementation is often recommended.  If you have dark skin then you need more sun exposure than people with light skin.   The only way to know for sure if your levels of vitamin D are low is through a simple non-expensive blood test ordered by your doctor.

Know your D3

Knowing your levels of vitamin D can be very important to your health since it has so many beneficial properties. Researchers are finding that low levels of this vitamin are associated with obesity, circulatory problems, heart disease, immune deficiency, as well as insulin resistance to name just a few.  Given the fact that scientists believe that millions of people are deficient, it only stands to reason to have your levels checked.

D3 Deficiency

Some interesting findings regarding vitamin D3 deficiency.  People with low levels of vitamin D3 are twice as likely to have a heart attack.  Low levels of vitamin D3 are associated with high blood pressure and animal studies lead researchers to believe this is due to over activation of the renin angiotensin system, brought on by D3 deficiency. Supplementing, on the other hand, has been shown to lower blood pressure levels. Vitamin D3 has been shown to lower the risks for type I diabetes in children by 78%. There was a reduction of 33% for type II diabetes in children having normal levels.

The elderly should consider D3 as well.  Research shows that there was a 72% reduction in falls of the elderly when D3 levels where normal.  For women there was a 42% reduction in multiple sclerosis for those supported with D3 supplementation.

D3 and the Brain

D3 is healthy for our brains.  When D3 levels are low depression can be a result.  This may help scientist to better understand Seasonal affective disorder or SAD.  One of the reason for depression in the winter months is because  D3 is required for the production of two important mood hormones, norepinephrine and epinephrine. If these hormones are not in balance then depression is sure to follow.

Some doctors are recommending to load up on vitamin D3 at the onset of flu symptoms or when you feel a cold coming on.  Since this vitamin can strengthen the immune system it is believed that high doses can either stop a cold or flu, or at the very least lessen its symptoms. With all these benefits that have been mentioned it is easy to see why vitamin D3 is in the news so often. These positive benefits and more are exactly why vitamin D3 is included in Cardio 5000.

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