Arginine Benefits

Arginine a Non Essential Amino Acid

While Arginine may be considered a non essential amino acid, scientist are finding that Arginine has many benefits.  Before we examine some of it’s benefits let’s look at why is it called a non essential amino acid?  Bascially, it is because your body can produce arginine on it’s own.  However, some researchers believe that the bodies ability to produce Arginine is diminished with age. Arginine was first discovered in 1886 by the Swiss chemist Ernst Schultze.  People may use arginine for various health reasons but it has been shown most beneficial in health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, migraine headaches and erectile dysfunction. Another interesting benefit of Arginine is it’s ability to enhance wound healing and to stimulate immune function.

Individuals being treated for HIV have started to recognize Arginine for it’s ability to fight the symptoms of wasting brought on by the disease. Recent studies carried out at University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland have shown positive results using Arginine and omega 3 fatty acids on people who have symptoms of wasting.

Arginine shows positive results for people with kidney problems as well.  It has been reported to improve kidney inflammation as well as assists the kidney’s in their performance after a kidney transplant. Other areas where Arginine has shown itself to be helpful is in easing migraines headaches, the lowering of high blood pressure and lessening the recovery time needed after surgery.

Arginine Benefits Arteries

It is because of Arginines’ ability to open up veins and arteries,thus increasing blood flow and volume that this Arginine Benefits Blood Pressuresupplement is used in many heart healthy supplements.  Increasing blood volume and blood flow to cells is vital to our health.  You know how hard it is for you to function when you can’t get your breath.  Imagine how hard it is for your cells and your organs to carry out their daily task when they cannot get enough oxygen or nutrients to perform properly.  Not only that, it is by means of blood flow that cells release their toxins where it is carried to organs and tissues that used in elimination.  If you block or impede this flow toxins or waste can accumulate within the body.

Fountain of Youth

Another function that slows down as we age is the bodies production of Human growth hormone.  You have probably heard a lot about this as the anti aging hormone.  Many are using HGH injections claiming that they have found the fountain of youth.  Those who use it do seem to look younger and to lead more youthful lives.  Another alternative to using HGH injections, believe it or not is Arginine.  It stimulates the natural release of growth hormone and it is much safer as well as more cost effective.  Growth hormone is one of the most powerful hormones in the human body.  Why is this hormone important to you?  It promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue as well as the loss of fat. As we age, our levels of growth hormone drop off.  This is one reason you gain fat and lose muscle.  So you see, it’s not ALL about what you eat it also has to do with your own hormones.  The great news is that arginine can improve your human growth hormone levels. In one  controlled trial study, when arginine was combined with weight training, a greater loss in body fat was seen in the arginine group verses those who took a placebo. Arginine is vital in protein synthesis, and this increases muscle growth.

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Whether you take an arginine supplement or not is entirely up to you, but I do believe the many benefits that arginine is noted for make an important supplement to look at.  Keep in mind that the positive results have been seen with high doses of arginine and not much has been noted from lower doses.  We have seen good results from people who want to lower their blood pressure or their cholesterol in the 5 to 10 grams a day range taken in divided dosage.  It may be best to take an arginine supplement that is supported with other supplements that are shown to be beneficial to whatever you are trying to target.  For example, if you are trying to improve your cardiovascular health, look for a supplement that has arginine as well as other supplements that support cardiovascular health.  Supplements work together, synergistically and not alone.

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