Arginine Benefits

As reported on this website L. Arginine has many benefits for our health.  The video below gives some nice information about Arginine and why this supplement can be so important, not only for cardiovascular health, but for ones over all health.  I hope you enjoy the video as well as the article.

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Arginine is synthesized in the body from glutamic acid. Although it is not an essential amino acid, it is frequently referred to as a conditionally-essential amino acid. The body requires substantially greater amounts of arginine

 Arginine Benefits Diabetics

Here is another post about the benefits of Arginine when it comes to diabetic care.   Rather than taking Arginine internally, a cream is used improve dry skin and stimulate blood flow.


WLWT Cincinnati’s Channel 5 – Foot care tips for diabetics can save a limb – Diabetes Awareness – WLWT Home

Learn How To Control Your High Blood PressureLook for moisturizing creams containing L-Arginine. L-Arginine helps stimulate healthy blood flow to heal dry, cracked skin. This special cream is available only in the diabetic section of your favorite drugstore or superstore. Under no circumstances should you shave or attempt to remove calluses or corns.

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